What My Clients Say

I first met Gillian a couple of years ago.  At that time I had an arthritic knee that needed her attention. A couple of visits and it was healthy again. But she didn’t just take care of my knee, she took care of all of me!

As you get a little older so many health issues rear their ugly heads. Gillian has looked after so many issues for me and I am forever thankful.

I look forward to our appointments as I am going to see my friend!

– Ann

Gillian is amazing!

From the moment I walked into her space I realized I was going to receive her personalized attention. She not only listens to what I tell her verbally but is also sensitive to what my body is telling her. Her application of the principals of Chinese Medicine promotes healing. This personalized approach provides the opportunity for good health to happen.

– Jennifer

I have been a client of Gillian Paton for over 20 years. She has been pivotal to my overall physical and mental health.

Gillian is highly skilled as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has treated me with Acupuncture and Herbs when indicated over the years. 

Equally beneficial to me has been her warm personal interest and valued listening skills and thoughtful guidance.

I have never left an appointment without feeling physically and emotionally restored!

As an active senior I absolutely give Gillian much of the credit for my good health. I am immensely grateful to her.

– Sharon